• Steve T. Bennett

    Steve T. Bennett

    Designer, marketer and journalist


I spent eight years in the newspaper industry and seven of those were on the copy desk. I designed the sports section for three different daily newspapers from 1998 until 2005. My printing days didn't end though as I have done many print jobs in my current position. I love print, I love creating jobs for print, whether it's catalogs, ads, or white papers. I got my start in print, so there is always going to be level of respect for it. Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead, not yet anyway.


I have been at this for the better part of 13 years now. I have created more than a dozen Web sites for various people, businesses and even for fun. I am one of those weirdos who loves coding. The concept of the "Web site" has changed since I first jumped into the industry in 2005. They have gone above and beyond just informational. Now, it's more interactive. I have created e-commerce sites, full-blown CMS and the Javascript-driven configurator. Simple HTML sites just don't cut it anymore. 


Mulimedia means many things to many people. To me, it's a wide range of skill sets in the mass media market. Over my 20-year career, I have done it all. I have designed, I have created, I have shot photos, I have copy edited, I have created videos. I wrote and produced catalogs. I filmed and edited training videos. I contributed to multimillion dollar proposals, and helped with PowerPoint presentations. Yes, I dabble in it all. That's the part of my job I love. Creating and being apart of something special.  

Print, Web Design, Multimedia

Armed with more than 20 years of designing, editing and coding experience.