Dear Future Employer,

Nov 24, 2020

Because I have a passion for sports, I will provide a scouting report on myself. Think of this as a draft. You have several folks you want to "select" with your top pick. As you scan strengths and weaknesses and look over other attributes, there are still some questions. Right? Ok, so here is my scouting report if I were vying for a spot on your squad:

Name: Steve Bennett. (Born Stephen Theodore Bennett, but was tired of being called STEP-HEN or StephAn so he uses Steven or just Steve (preferred)). 

Age: 48. (September 29, 1974. Born during the heart of college football season or at the start of conference play, and during the playoff race in baseball. Often, his birthday is the day a team clinches a pennant or a playoff spot! Trivia: Nolan Ryan threw his third career no-hitter the day before Steve was born).

Height: 6-foot-5. 

Weight: Between 240-260 pounds. 

Resume: Click HERE

College: Southern Oregon University. (he played football and was a two-year letter winner. Also wrote for the college newspaper. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications in 1999. He received a second BS in Multimedia Marketing from the now-defunct Westwood College in 2006. Received his MBA in August 2021, finishing with a 3.8 GPA.

Strengths: Very experienced in integrated marketing communications for B2B (15 years), analytics, content marketing, SEO, and e-commerce. Extremely skilled in Adobe Suite, primarily InDesign, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. A solid writer with knowledge of several styles. Was a sports reporter for three years, so understands not only deadlines but also dealing with multiple sources. Also wrote technical sell sheets and press releases for five years. Works best in a team environment. Great researcher. Is at his best when not being micromanaged. Fairly deft in web programming, especially HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. Has some video editing skills and works well with printed material. Social media guy, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Also generated a ton of leads using LinkedIn Campaign Manager.     

Weaknesses: Not great in the limelight. Horrible in front of a large crowd. Not a good orator, especially when discussing topics he's unsure of. Shy. Needs to process information when asked questions. Not someone who is outward-facing, more of a behind-the-scenes guy. 

Something that might surprise you about him: Steve has completed three marathons and four half marathons. He published a book about the history of the football program at Southern Oregon University. 

Something you should be prepared for when meeting him: He is shy and has trouble talking about himself. 

Overall: Steve brings 21 years of practical experience to the table in IMC and journalism. He is very creative and works well in both chaotic and quiet settings. Also works best with a team. He is funny and engaging when you get to know him. Can be aloof at times but will warm up to you when he gets to know you. Orchestrated and oversaw a highly-successful email campaign at his previous employer with a focus on both brand awareness and product information. Was also an award-winning page designer when he worked for newspapers. You will be getting a creative, compassionate, and very dedicated employee if you go with Steve. He has proven his loyalty (15 years with one company). Does not work well getting vague direction. Prefers solid communication.



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